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Professional Dartford cleaning services

Professional Dartford cleaning services
Call Dartford cleaners for any kind of chore you need to do in and around the house. We and our teams are always available, 24/7, ready to provide assistance in any area of your home. Over the course of years, we have become one of the most reliable cleaning companies in the city and we are certain that you will too meet the same satisfaction all of our clients do.

The most basic services requested from our maids and cleaning technicians are represented by the spring cleaning duties, the end of tenancy cleaning, as well as the after-party cleaning. If the former two are self-explanatory, we need to say a couple of words about the latter one – when requesting this service, we won’t provide assistance with the after-party cleaning duties, but also before it and during it (with the waiting services).
In this way, you only need to call on a single company in order to make the most of your time. Calling Dartford cleaners for any of these will also bring you a small discount.

We also offer gardening services, which include the usual compost removal, live fence trimming, lawn mowing and feeding, as well as others. But we also provide assistance with other kinds of duties, such as patio maintenance, lawn laying, and many others. For more information, do call us – you will find that we have everything covered for you.

In the past years, given the success we have had, we have expanded our offer to also include cleaning duties for offices and office buildings. In such cases, the services are the usual ones, such as rubbish removal, window cleaning, and so on. But we can also provide assistance in other areas as well, such as when you decide to redecorate. Call us and find out more about it!

Of course, our maids and cleaning technicians are professional and experienced enough for you to lack any worries when they are at your house or at your office. So they do not need any kind of supervision – and this is very important in the latter case, since they won’t interfere in any way with the work of your employees.

In this way, the Dartford cleaners technicians will arrive either after the working hours, in the evening, either in the weekends. When it comes to the house chores, depending on the services requested, they can arrive just as you are about to leave (at work, for example) and finish just as you are about to return home.

In the unwanted cases when you are dissatisfied by our services, do give us a call and a chance to remedy any unwanted situation. If the problem occurs within a given time frame for any service requested, free of any charge a team of maids and cleaning technicians will come by and take care of everything that displeased you.

Call us and let us do all the dirty work for you – if you appeal to our services now, we are certain that you will call again. And it won’t be just to forward complaints – instead, it will be request our service yet again. We will be more than happy to provide assistance, even if it will be with smaller tasks, such as carpet cleaning or over cleaning.

Call Dartford cleaners now and find out how we can help you spend your free time doing anything other than these chores. 
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By Brian

How to Install a Shower Drain

Learning how to install a shower drain is relatively simple. Your shower drain is prone to get clogged or dirty with sediment and hair, which can cause your shower to fill with water. Installing a fresh and new shower drain can make a big difference. On the other hand, you might be installing a brand new shower and you have to add a new drain. To make your life easier, here is an easy step by step guide you might want to keep in mind. How to install a shower drain

1st Step: Piping Checkup

If you recently removed your old shower drain, don’t forget to check the pipes to ensure that there are no missing seals or unwanted cracks. If you see any signs of cracking, write this down on your to-do list for the project. These cracked parts must be replaced simultaneously during the installation of the new drain. 

2nd Step: Shop for Materials

Go to the nearest home improvement store in your place and buy the materials you need for installing the shower drain. See to it that you buy the right sized shower drain for the opening you either made yourself or the opening that resulted from the shower drain you are replacing. In case there are parts of cracked piping, you also need to get a new piece of PVC pipe to fit as replacement for that cracked spot. 

3rd Step: Remove the Old Shower Drain

Typically, there are two or three screws holding the existing shower drain in place on the shower floor. Remove these screws using a screwdriver then pull up the drain cap to expose the PVC piping. Majority of households today have PVC pipes. For those who don’t have PVC piping, what you will see there is a copper piping. The PVC piping can still be used for the drain and attached to the copper. You may also want to use flux for attaching the PVC to copper. Aside from that, you will also need an extra material or PVC prep than when your piping is only made from PVC materials.

4th Step: Put PVC Prep to PVC Drain and Pipes

Put some PVC prep to all the copper or PVC pipes. You will have to apply the prep to any part which will be secure to another part. This PVC prep is color purple and you can smooth this on the PVC pipes. You have to let the PVC prep dry first for about 30 seconds. It will help create a more secure bond. 

5th Step: Inset Then Assemble

Insert your new drain PVC piping to your house’s plumbing and press against it. Then, install the drain base. This drain base must line up on the pipe. You can use the screwdriver for securing the drain base. 

6th Step: Attach the Drain

Use screws for attaching the drain. Several shower drains systems include tabs instead of screws and if it is the case, secure these tabs in place instead. 

Follow these simple steps on how to install a shower drain. 
By Brian